I was just 12 years old when my mother inducted me into prostitution. Our family situation was really bad. My father had abandoned us when I was just 7 years old. My mother was looking after me and my two siblings all alone. One day in a stove accident she was badly burnt and our miseries increased. When I reached puberty my mother told me this was our only option to survive. I did not oppose as I knew our family condition.

After one year in prostitution, when I was rescued by Prajwala after a client leaked the information, I was confused and angry and felt I had failed my family. It was only after long counselling sessions by counsellors in the home that I realised what my mother did to me was wrong. I was worried about my siblings and I requested Prajwala to rescue them too. Prajwala was able to rescue my sisters before they were forced into prostitution. It took me months to come in terms with my life situation and start healing. With the support of the counsellors and teachers I resumed my education and was able to successfully complete my school and college.

Today I am doing my internship to qualify as a Chartered Accountant and I hope to soon support my younger siblings who are still under Prajwala’s care. My siblings and I owe our lives to Team Prajwala who rescued us and gave us a future.

My own mother has been punished by the law and I have no idea about her whereabouts. For me Sunitha Mam is the only mother I know.