Maybe I would have died due to AIDS or perhaps become a sex trafficker myself if I was not saved by Prajwala in a brothel. I was cheated in the name of job and forced into prostitution. My traffickers not only changed my name they also changed my religion. I thought I had no hope when I was rescued. Even after I was admitted to the Shelter Home I continued to be suspicious about everybody around me and kept questioning their motives to rescue me.

I became nasty and aggressive. The counsellors in the home never got irritated with me and with patience continued to interact with me. As I started attending the group therapy sessions I realised for the first time what a mess I had escaped. Slowly with the support of life skill trainers, counsellors and therapist I opened myself to start life afresh. When I exited the safe home I chose to fight for the same cause and save other girls like me. Today I head the Victim Assistance Program of Prajwala and extend support to hundreds of victims who are rescued from brothels. My daily prayer is wishing for a day when we will provide assistance to the last victim.